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From the Farm Kitchen 

Crock Pot Fall Off The Bone Pork Ribs 

Serves 3-4 Adults 

   This dish is our fun take on a "For the Love of Local" Valentines day dish, using several local ingredients and light on the prep and clean up, this meal is perfect for those couples who would rather spend time with each other instead of in front of their ovens on Valentines Day!  

Ingredients and Costing 

Mabel May Farms Pork Side Ribs - $10/ lb 

(We cooked up 4.31 lbs for this recipe: $43.10, you can interchange Back Ribs)

Harvest Goodies Apple BBQ Sauce - 1 bottle (375 ml) - $6

Backed By Bees Raw Honey - 1/2 cup (175 g) = $3

Apple Cider Vinegar - 1/4 cup = $0.50

Worcestershire Sauce - 4 tsp = $0.25 

Beehaven Mead - 1/2 cup - $1.30  

(P.S If your looking for permission to drink the rest of the bottle - this is it!)


1 tbsp cayenne spice 

1/2 tbsp smoked paprika 

1/2 tbsp powdered garlic 

Total Cost: $54.15 / 4 people = $13.53/ person 


Fall Off The Bone Pork Ribs 



  • In a bowl mix Harvest Goodies Apple BBQ sauce, apple cider vinegar, Beehaven mead,  Backed By Bees raw honey, Worcestershire sauce and spices together to make a locally flavored BBQ sauce - set aside
  • Prepare the Mabel May Farms Side Ribs by salt and peppering (to your liking) each side. 
  • Oil the crock pot to prevent sticking
  • Place first rib section in the crock pot, ladle some of the bbq sauce over top to lightly cover 
  • Continue overlapping ribs with bbq sauce until all ribs are in the crock pot. 
  • Reserve any left over BBQ sauce for a delicious rib dip when cooked. 
  • Turn crock pot to low for 8 hours or high for 4 hours. 
  • Add your favourite local veggies, plate the ribs with a side of reserved bbq sauce and enjoy! 

Mead Pairing - CranApple Mead - 4.8% or 6.5% - This crisp mead pairs perfectly with these crock pot ribs! 

Visual Step by Step 

BBQ Sauce Salt and Pepper the Ribs Saucing the Ribs Sauced Ribs Ready to Cook in Crock Pot Save some of the BBQ Sauce for dunking! Ribs Plated

    We hope this recipe provides an easy quick way to enjoy pastured pork ribs using several local ingredients! Eating Local is exciting, even in the depth of winter!

This recipe is going to be a staple in the farm kitchen, we hope you enjoy it! 

Next time in the farm kitchen... Smoked Ham and Cheese Quiche 


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