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From the Farm Kitchen 

Lamb Taco Wraps 

Served 4 people - 2 large wraps each 

These quick, delicious and family friendly taco wraps are a go to when feeding a group, when in a rush or when looking to prepare something a day ahead for dinner after a long day in the field, at the meadery or working with the bees.  Taco Wraps can be made with any ground meat, although the flavour profile is deeper with lamb and beef as opposed to chicken or turkey.  For the vegetarians in our lives, we use ground veggie burger. 

Ingredients and Costing 

Lamb Wrap Ingredients

Iceberg Lettuce - $2.49 / head 

Taco Seasoning - $1.99/ pkg  (There are many great recipes for make your own taco seasoning online, but we're human and sometimes rely on Old El'Paso!) 

Green Onion - $1.29 / bunch 

Grape Tomatoes - $3.99/ pint 

Tortilla Wraps - $4.59/ 10 wraps 

Mabel May Farms Grassfed Ground Lamb - $12/ lb x 2 lbs = $24 

Sheldon Creek Heritage French Dressing - $6/ bottle (use: $2.00)

Mountainoak Cheese - Smoked Cheese - $9/ pkg 

Sheldon Creek Sour Cream - $5/ container  (use: $2.50)

Total Cost: $54.34 / 4 people = $13.59/ person 


Lamb Taco Wraps 



1. Cook Lamb in a frying pan with 1 tsp of oil 

2. Chop Vegetables 

3. Grate Cheese  (Smoked has a wax rind, you can eat it or cut it off) 

4. Pour yourself a glass of Mead - We recommend Cherry with this meal! 

5. Add Taco Seasoning with the Lamb and Mix to cover fully, you can add 1/4 cup of water if you prefer to strain any fat but we just put it in and mix. 

6. Remove lamb from heat, and get ready to eat! 

7. Assemble ingredients into a whole wheat wrap, fold at both sides and wrap up like a burrito, or tuck in the end and wrap to eat like a wrap. 

Mead Pairing - Our 4.8% Cherry Mead goes really well with our taco wraps. 

Visual Step by Step 

Ingredients ground Lamb Adding Taco Seasoning Chopped Vegetables Taco Seasoning Folded into LambReady to Eat Ready to eat tomorrow

We hope you enjoy this weeks recipe!  

Up next on the blog... Breakfast for Dinner! 

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