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From The Farm Kitchen 

Simple Staples Hash 

Serves 4 people (reheats well for lunch day 2) 

   Sometimes the best meals are made with the simplest whole ingredients.  In the farm kitchen, we like to mix and match with our staples - usually a meat, several veggies, always carrots and garlic, add some herbs and seasoning and voila - a homemade, quick meal with several whole food staples.  You can find several of these ingredients in our Halton Farm Box's

Ingredients and Costing 

the ingredients

1 sweet potato 

1 lb of Mabel May Farms Ground Pork 

3 cloves of garlic 

2-3 carrots 

1 onion

2-3 celery stalks 

3 tbsp Sunflower Oil 

1/2 cup water 

Approximate Cost: $12.00 or $4/ serving 


Simple Staples Hash 


  • Warm Sunflower Oil in Deep Pan on Stove 
  • Brown the Ground Pork in the oil 
  • Dice onion, celery and garlic 
  • Peel Sweet Potato 
  • Shred Carrots and Sweet Potato 
  • Add all veggies to Ground Pork and stir, add water, cover and turn to low. 
  • Let cook for 20 minutes stirring every 10 minutes 
  • Once all veggies are soft and cooked through add desired seasoning. 
  • Plate and Enjoy!

Special Suggestion:  For a Breakfast Hash, make wells in the hash and crack an egg in the well.  Let the egg cook until set, firm and cooked through.  

Mead Pairing - The clear crisp flavour of BeeHaven goes really well with a wholesome simple staples hash. 

Hash Cooking






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