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From the Farm Kitchen 

Smoked Ham Quiche - 3 Ways 

Servings per Quiche - 4 - 6 servings 

 Quiche is one of the most versatile meals for those looking to eat with the seasons.  It's also super quick, yummy and can be eaten for breakfast, lunch and dinner! 

Ingredients and Costing  

All Ingredients Ready to Go

Western Quiche 

Broccoli, Ham and Cheese Quiche 

Tomato, Green Onion and Ham Quiche

Total Cost: $16-$18 per quiche 

Smoked Ham Quiche - 3 Ways 

 3 Delicious Quiches


1. Pre-Heat Oven to 375 degrees F

2. Chop the veggies and ham 

3. Grate the cheese 

4. Assemble each quiche by whipping 4 eggs with the milk and add the veggies and ham, stirring the mix together. 

5. Pour the mix into the pie crust, and place the crust on a cookie sheet if not cooking in a pie dish - this adds stability and if the quiche spills over, keeps everything clean. 

6. Cook for 45 minutes, as oven temps vary, the quiche is done when the top is firm and a knife comes out clean.   

Mead Pairing - Crisp, Clean and Natural,  BeeHaven 4.8% pairs incredibly well with these quiches.  

Visual Step by Step 

 Ingredients Chopped Veggies and Meat Mixing the Ingredients Together Mixture into pie crust Straight out of the oven Dinner is served

We hope you enjoy these quiches!   

Next time on the blog, we will make ground lamb taco wraps! 

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