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From the Farm Kitchen 

The Local Breakfast of Champions - French Toast and Sausage 

Serves: 2 slices serves 1 person, this recipe can be scaled up easily. 

   French Toast and Sausage makes a delicious breakfast, for a Sunday morning, for a Saturday Brunch - or if your like us and like to get a little crazy - Breakfast for Dinner!  Made with all local eggs, bread, sausages, milk and topped with local butter and maple syrup - the only thing not local in this recipe is the vanilla. This recipe is quick to make and is a sure crowd pleaser. 

Ingredients and Costing 


For two servings - You can increase this recipe by adding 2 eggs and 2/3 cup of milk together for the "base" and just multiply as much as you need for how many servings.  The below feeds 2 people, 2 slices each. 

2/3 cup of Sheldon Creek Whole Milk 

2 Mabel May Farms Eggs 

1/2 loaf of Manor House Farm White Bread 

1 pkg of Green Pastures Breakfast Sausages 

Justin's Maple Syrup (as much or as little as you like)

1 tsp vanilla 

Oil or Butter for your pan 

Approximate Cost - $10 / 2 servings (including the pkg of sausage)

The Local Breakfast of Champions - French Toast and Sausage 


  • Remove Sausages from package and cook on stove top 
  • Slice Bread into thick 1-2 inch slices
  • Beat Eggs 
  • Add Milk into eggs and blend
  • Add 1/ tsp of vanilla to egg mixture
  • Warm pan on stove with light coating of oil or butter 
  • Dip the bread, one slice at a time in the egg mixture covering both sides and place in pan. 
  • Cook until egg is cooked on both sides and is well browned 
  • Remove and Repeat 
  • Remove Sausages from heat, plate your sausages and french toast and add a Canadian helping of Maple Syrup! 

Milk or Mead Pairing - Depending on when your enjoying this meal - may we suggest adding Sheldon Creek whole or 1% milk.  Or French Toast pairs well with BeeHaven - 4.8% session mead! 

Visual Step By Step 

Sausages Cut the BreadEggs Whip the eggs and milk coat both sides of the breadcooking on the stove ready to eat All Syruped Up


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