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Seasonal Mead

These meads are for explorers. At Backed By Bees we focus on raw and unfiltered as much as possible preferring seasonal drinks made from the botanicals of Ontario.  

Our seasonal meads cover the full range of meadmaking from melomels, metheglins, cysers, pyments, capsicumels and acerglyns from dry to sack strength, still or carbonated.

New Releases:

Bee Blush is an enchanting blend of honey, subtle floral undertones, and a hint of fruit, culminating in a dry well-balanced and smooth finish. Gluten free. Best served chilled and made to enjoy with a meal as a honey table wine.  Store in a cool, dark place away from direct sunlight. Our mead will continue to mature over time, enhancing its character and depth. Sold in 750ml bottles. 

Sour Caramel Apple is a unique blend of tart apple, honey, and decadent caramel culminating in a delightful and tangy twist with a refreshing dry finish. Lightly carbonated. Gluten free. This cyser is best served chilled and made to enjoy on its own or with a meal. This product is unpasteurized.  Please keep refrigerated.  Sold in 473ml cans.