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Almond Blossom Hand & Dish Soap

2x concentrated, this is a plant and mineral based, natural & non-toxic dish liquid. One pump goes a long way. Scented using only pure essential oils.

How it works:

You choose the service you need:  

  • Choose between three sizes of mason jars that you can refill your existing hand or dish soap dispensers with.   There is a $2 fee built into the cost, which will be refunded once the mason jar is returned.  Should you need a new soap dispenser, a stainless steel mason jar pump top can be purchased at an additional fee.  
  • Or, drop off your existing container to be refilled at Backed By Bees. We'll refill the container and let you know when it is ready to be picked up or delivered with the rest of your order.  Your used milk bottles also make a great vessel for this!

    Refillery Market is owned and operated by Koby, a Burlington mom of two young boys.  She was trying to ensure her family was as eco friendly as possible and grew tired of all the disposable packaging her home supplies came in.  Why can’t we just refill the bottles we already have?    

    All products sold at Refillery Market are natural, eco-friendly and Canadian sourced.