Beekeeper For The Day - A Peek Into The World Of Beekeeping

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Curious about honey bees and beekeeping?  Looking for a unique experience?

At Backed By Bees we are excited to pull the curtains back on the beekeeping world and get you close to honey bees and their homes.  During the hour long experience, our expert beekeeper will take the group into the Backed By Bees main honey bee yard. 

Throughout the experience we will open a honey bee colony, interact with the honey bees and see the internal workings of a colony. 

While in the yard, you will be introduced to all the sights, sounds and smells that roughly 2 million honey bees have to offer. 

Become the beekeeper for the day and see if what really happens in the world of beekeeping!

*You will be around live honey bees.  Stinging is always a possibility.  Wear closed toed shoes and well fitted clothing.  Protective equipment will be available for all who wish to dawn it.

Price is per individual