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Cathy's Kombucha

Cathy’s Kombucha – Authentic Traditional Kombucha! Our Artisan Kombucha honours the ancient process still used in the monastery today.

All batches are made with “Daughter” SCOBY’S from the original “Mother” SCOBY, (gifted from the Monastery).

Always small batch brewed in glass, our traditional process creates a naturally carbonated beverage that tastes fresh and alive!


This Artisan blend is Cathy's most popular flavour and the one named after her Dad (Vincent). The natural flavours of Wild Blackberry, Black Currant and Boysenberry are combined to give you the ultimate taste experience! We add Blackberry leaves, Cornflower and Sunflower petals, Mallow Blossoms, Rosehip and Elderberry pieces, Hibiscus and Currants to further toy with your taste buds! 


 This refreshing Artisan blend reminds you of sitting on a swing and staring at the clouds. Ginger and Peaches bring you a winning taste combination that is blended with Papaya, Blackberry leaves, Sunflower and Calendula Petals and Jasmine Blossoms. Pour over ice and add a slice of peach on the rim or toss in some fresh berries. Just imagine!


This revitalizing Artisan blend is full of flavour, yet abundantly light and refreshing. Raspberries, Currants, Blueberries, Elderberries and Raisins are lovingly combined with Blackberry, Rosehip and Lime leaves. Rose petals and Hibiscus petals round out the fresh taste sensation. There is nothing better on a hot summer day, or after a heavy meal! Try adding Raspberry Sourpuss and Vodka for a refreshing alcoholic alternative.