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Lamb | Whole | Mabel May Farms

Mabel May Farm is a family farm and business focused on local and healthy food. Whether it is someone who simply wants to know where their food comes from and the people who raise/grow it or it is someone who has seen their and/or their loved one's health significantly improve since focusing on real food.  Mabel May cares about how the animals have been raised and the quality of the food.

  • Humanely Raised on Pasture
  • Regenerative Farming Practices
  • No Hormones, Antibiotics or GMOs

We are offering a limited quantity of whole lambs.  

Price per pound for a half lamb is $13.50 and price per pound of a whole lamb is $13.00 and is based on hanging weight.  We expect the lambs to weigh between 50 and 60 pounds. 

Lambs will be available for pick up 21 September at the meadery. 

A $75 deposit is required to hold your lamb and once paid we'll provide you a cut sheet to determine how you want your lamb processed!