Cutting Board

The cutting boards are all made from locally sourced Hard Maple wood.  Those ones specifically are made with offcuts from a church restoration done in Hamilton a few years ago.  This is new wood, not reclaimed or reused.  However, I only have enough stock to make about 20 more then I'll be using a local business as a supplier.

Most mass-produced cutting boards are made with the wood fiber/grain going horizontal as this is a lot less work to make and way less sanding.  However, these fibers will get cut when using knives on them and eventually leave deep scratches that can harbor bacteria.  This also dulls your knife as they are cutting the wood along with the food.  

My cutting boards are made with the end grain pointing up/vertical.  This allows the knife to slide between the fibers when cutting.  This keeps your blades sharper as they aren't cutting anything hard, and keeps the cutting board looking better long term while keeping bacteria from gathering in the scratches.

The cutting boards are finished in a mineral oil bath and then coated in a mineral oil and beeswax mixture.  I also made sure to use Backed By Bees wax on these particular boards.