Pre-Order Seasonals

These meads are for explorers. At Backed By Bees we focus on raw and unfiltered as much as possible preferring living seasonal drinks made from the botanicals of Ontario.  But inherently that means they need to be kept cold and enjoyed quick or need to be very dry so we don’t produce a lot.

These meads can cover the full range of meadmaking from melomels, metheglins, cyers, pyments, capsicumels and acerglyns from dry to sack strength, still or carbonated.

BeeSplashy:  Made for hot summer days beside the pool, this bubbly blackberry, raspberry, strawberry infused mead is 5.5% with hibiscus, fruit notes and a clean finish. 

BeeSippin' Bochet Hot: Is a classic capsicumel fermented on Chipotle Morita, Guajillo and Ancho peppers.  

 Sold in individual bottles of 375 ml or 473 ml cans.

These meads will be ready in 4 to 8 weeks. We'll notify you when ready for pick-up.