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Wild Culture Ferments uses organic, local and wildcrafted ingredients whenever possible, to create naturally fermented vegetables. The ferments are hand crafted in small batches in Inglewood, On.

All of their products are raw, LIVING foods that are full of naturally occurring beneficial PROBIOTIC bacteria.  These bacteria play a vital role in keeping our GUT FLORA in balance, support our digestion and immune function.

Carrot & Dill - Sauerkraut with the sweetness of carrot and fragrance of dill.
A classic flavour combination.

Leek, Thyme & Black Pepper - Crunchy cabbage combined with the subtle onion-like flavour of leeks, infused with thyme and a hint of black pepper.

Hot Pepper & Garlic A flavour profile similar to traditional Korean Kimchi, only using local organic green cabbage. Loaded with flavour and spice!

Sold in 500ml glass jars.