Sponsor A Hive

Have you ever wanted to do your part and help out honeybees?

You can now adopt a full honey bee colony and reep the benefits without the sting.  

What hive sponsorship is all about is financially providing the bees with housing, disease control, pest management and and seasonal upkeep at the Backed By Bees location.  

Your sponsorship will go directly to keeping your colony happy, healthy and thriving.  It will go directly towards the purchasing of treatments for disease and pest management, the raising and evaluation of new young and vigorous queen bees, winter feed for the bees, upkeep of hive equipment and the constant labour poured into the colony throughout the year.

Upon sponsorship, we will mail you an unassembled hive box (no live bees included!) and allow you to paint the box and make it yours.  You return the box (in person or mail) and we will house a thriving honey bee colony in it!

What comes in the package:

  • Freedom to paint the hive body 
  • Email updates on how your hive is doing throughout the year
  • 5x1kg or 10x500g jars of honey from your hive
  • A personal tour of your hive in late summer
  • A photo of you and your hive 
  • A invitation/tour during honey extraction season - you can help extract the honey from your sponsored hive!

 Price is on a per month basis