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The Hive Club + Decorate the Yard

Have you ever wanted to experience beekeeping without the stings? 

We want to take you along for an adventure and show you what happens throughout the beekeeping year (the ups and the downs) for both the honey bees and the beekeeper.

Join Dave, the beekeeper, as he cares for honey bee colonies from season start to year end.  Watch the colonies grow and thrive and learn about a year in the life of a beekeeper. 

The Hive Club + Decorate the Yard package includes: 

  • Access to our private Hive Club Facebook group where we will share video and photo content of the beekeeping season 
  • Ability to decorate/personalize your own hive box and we will put a honey bee colony inside of it. We ship you the hardware - you decorate, and ship it back (or drop it off)


Also, get ready to get involved with some simple DIY 'bee themed' projects throughout the beekeeping season lead by Dave.