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Sponsor and Decorate a Hive

We all know honey bees are incredibly important and beneficial insects.   What better way to help out the honey bee population (and share in the ‘sweet reward’ of all their hard work) then to put your name and artistic flare on a local beehive.  Don’t worry, you won’t get stung as our beekeeper, Dave, will do all the work to make sure the bees are happy, healthy and thriving.

You will receive access to our beekeeping video series and you will be able to see how the hives are doing throughout the season.

Your involvement in this program goes to further our commitment to responsible beekeeping and the production of raw, unadulterated honey.

The package includes

  • Access to the Hive Club beekeeping content in our private Facebook group
  • Ability to paint a hive
  • Name your queen bee 
  • Raw honey from the hive that you sponsor 

This is a seasonal package which covers one full beekeeping season

Levels of sponsorship

Quarter - Includes all of above and a quarter of the honey from your hive (approx 9 kgs)

Half - Includes all of above and half of the honey from your hive (approx 18 kgs)

Full - Includes all of the honey from your hive (approx 36 kgs)