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These meads are for explorers. At Backed By Bees we focus on raw and unfiltered as much as possible preferring living seasonal drinks made from the botanicals of Ontario.  But inherently that means they need to be kept cold and enjoyed quick or need to be very dry so we don’t produce a lot.

These meads can cover the full range of meadmaking from melomels, metheglins, cyers, pyments, capsicumels and acerglyns from dry to sack strength, still or carbonated.

May 2020 - CranApple Cyser - 4.8% alc./vol. - Sold Out

June 2020 - Rhubarb Melomel - 4.8% alc./vol. - Sold Out

July 2020 - Strawberry Melomel - 4.8% alc,/vol. - Sold Out

August 2020 - Mulberry Melomel - Ready End of August 

We won’t always list everything online, sometimes you just gotta come to the meadery to check it out.

Sold in individual bottles of 355 ml