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One of the many questions we always get asked is how to store our mead or how long does it last? Like any product there are some guidelines that will help you enjoy your mead at its best. 

Getting It Home

Whether you are shipping or transporting your mead you want to make sure it does not get prolonged exposure to wide variations in temperature.  You want to keep it above zero celsius and below twenty degrees. So that means don’t let it freeze and do not let it sit in a hot vehicle in the summer.  Both extremes of temperature can hurt the flavour.  

When we ship our meads we try to make sure we are shipping in weather windows where we know it will be ok or the time to delivery is very short. 

Storing the Mead Short-Term

Our general rule of thumb is cellar temperature. You rarely can go wrong with keeping meads within this range, around ten to thirteen degrees celsius. But it depends on the style. As a general rule of thumb, lighter carbonated meads should be consumed relatively fast and kept colder.  Heavier still meads can be stored longer and pushed in temperature range. Yet these rules do not apply for all meads or alcohol strengths. More alcohol and more residual sugar usually mean longer storage potential.  

A meadmaker should be able to give you an idea of the length of time their meads hold up until the profile starts to change either from oxygen creeping into the bottle or the flavours changing due to the way the mead was preserved or not preserved.  As another rule of thumb, anything still, less than 10% and dry should be consumed within a few years of bottling, anything over 10% that is sweet or semi-sweet can be cellared which we’ll get into in the next post. 

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