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The Mead Explorer Class

Embark on an adventure with our Master Meadmaker and chart your own destiny as you explore the world of honey and mead.  Designed for explorers looking to test their drink making skills, each group experience will be unique as you determine the honey profiles to taste and build your own individual version of a Mead.  

Led by our Master Meadmaker, who is trained in honey tasting, has 15+ years brewing experience and is a Certified Cider Maker, this experience is perfect for anyone who has a natural curiosity and likes to explore new tastes.  During this hour and a half class, designed for adults age 19+, you will:

  • Learn what Mead is and why it can have such a vast profile of tastes.
  • Be taken through a guided Honey tasting to better understand the foundation of the drink.
  • Build your own personal version of a Mead.
  • Have a unique guided Mead tasting based on group preferences.   

Plus, in true Backed By Bees style, you will also learn about the importance our pollinators have to Mead and how this drink supports biodiversity efforts in our region. 

This experience is truly unique and you’ll walk away with a greater understanding and appreciation for a drink that is one of the oldest known to the human race.

Available dates and times are listed below.  Price is per individual.

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