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BeeSippin' Mead

Our Sippin’ Meads originated in the deep desire to have a warm toasty drink for cool nights.

Our Bochet Mead is a unique and delicious twist on traditional mead that originated as birthday wish from our beekeper . To create our Bochet Mead, we carefully caramelize our honey to create a deep, rich flavor profile. We then ferment the honey using traditional methods, allowing the natural yeasts to transform the honey into a delicious and flavorful mead.

Our Bochet Mead has a smooth and velvety texture, with notes of caramel, toffee, and dark fruit. Its sweetness is balanced by a subtle bitterness, making it a perfect complement to a wide variety of foods.

Sold in 750 ml bottles.  

Number 22 is our signature barrel program mead.  Aged in gin barrels for over a year.  It balances berries on the nose with a nutty, semi-dry woody flavour.

All Sippin' meads are naturally gluten free, no added sugar and all natural.

Seasonal Meads Avaiable - Please inquire as to flavours and availability 

Sold in 375 ml bottles.