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Make the most of your mead with these staff created mixed drink recipes! 

Find a favourite or made a variation of one of these drinks? Let us know!  


Traditional Mulled Mead

This recipe can be made on the stovetop or set it and forget it in your crockpot! This recipe is also completely personalizable to your and your guests' tastes! Enjoy! 


1 bottle of traditional style mead - Bochet, Blush, Cyser.

1 cup frozen or fresh cranberries (optional)

1 orange, sliced (optional) 

1-3 cinnamon sticks (optional)

Star anise (optional)

Whole nutmeg (optional)

Whole cloves (optional)


Warm on medium heat either on the stove or in a crock pot, until desired temperature has been reached.

Add fresh fruits and warming spices catered to your tastes, suggestions above. 

The Queen Bee 

One of our favourites, made with Empress Butterfly Pea Gin! This naturally sweetened and colour changing gin smash is guaranteed to be a crowd pleaser!


1 can Honey Soda

2oz Empress Gin

1 pinch Vanilla Finishing Salt (optional)

Ice cubes (optional)

Traditional Mead Sangria

Our Bee Blush Mead is a great alternative to wine in this basic sangria recipe! 



1 bottle Bee Blush (or other traditional mead)

1-2 oranges, sliced

1 apple, chopped into small pieces 

1 tsp Caramelized Honey (optional, can substitute Raw or Liquid Honey)

1-2 oz Barrel Aged Bochet Mead or Brandy


Lightly muddle the orange and apple pieces, topping with honey if desired. Add your alcohol and stir. 

Allow your Sangria to sit for a minimum of 2 hours (ideally overnight) before serving. Serve chilled. 

Blush Mead Spritzer

Fresh and sparkling!



2-4 oz Bee Blush Traditional Mead

6-8 oz Honey Soda or club soda

Ice Cubes 


Add ice and Mead to a glass, before pouring over your soda. To sweeten, add Raw or Liquid Honey as desired. 

Bochet Sour 

Swap whiskey for our Barrel Aged Bochet in this fusion of tradition and modernity for those who like a little something sour!


2oz Barrel Aged Bochet #22

¼ oz  lemon juice

¼ oz honey simple syrup* 

Orange slice (optional)

Maraschino cherries (optional, garnish)

Ice cubes


Honey Simple Syrup Recipe

Combine one cup water + 1 cup raw or liquid honey in a saucepan.

Warm and combine over low-medium heat.

Allow to cool completely before using. Store in the refrigerator. 


Session-Whiskey Sour

Another great whiskey swap in this sour is our Seasonal Sour Caramel Apple Cider - makes for the perfect mixer.


8oz Sour Caramel Apple Session Mead

2oz Whiskey of choice

¼ oz  lemon juice

¼ oz honey simple syrup* 

Orange slice (optional, garnish)

Maraschino cherries (optional, garnish)

Ice cubes


*see above recipes for honey simple syrup.


Golden Christmas

Our local-Ontario variation of a White Russian made with festive eggnog and sweet Bochet mead. 


4 oz eggnog

2 oz Bochet mead

2 oz coffee or espresso (dependent on taste)

Sprinkle of cinnamon (optional)

Caramelized honey (optional, to taste)


Enjoy warm or chilled!