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Bat House

Hard to enjoy those beautiful summer nights in the back yard with all those pesky mosquitoes and other night-time insects joining the party? There are chemical options, but they can’t be good for you or the backyard.

Bats can make all the difference! Did you know a single bat on average can hunt down 2-6 insects every minute? Try inviting bats to your backyard by providing a Bat House and see how they can help.

This bat house is designed to give bats a safe and welcoming home. It's handcrafted from high-quality pine to ensure it's sturdy and long-lasting, and its aerodynamic design minimizes the impact of rain and wind. Perfect for providing bats with an all-weather shelter.

Installation tips:

  • Ideally install on a house or other structure (wooden pole etc.).  Can be installed in a tree, but predators are more likely.
  • The bat house should receive a minimum of 6-8 hours of direct sunlight per day.  Ideally install facing south or southeast, and not in a shaded location.   Bats prefer warm and sunny locations for their roosts.
  • Install 3-6 meters above ground (10-20 feet).
  • A water source within 300 meters is ideal.
  • An uncluttered location is good, with no obstructing branches as bats need room to swoop.  
  • Install in a dark location, away from artificial light.  Bats may hunt at a light source, but they will not roost near one.
Bat House