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Caramelized Honey

Backed By Bees Caramelized Honey,the inspiration behind our Bochet Mead, is a rich amber honey that blends the inherent sweetness of honey with nuanced caramel undertones. The taste is a delightful combination of rich, buttery sweetness and subtle toasty notes.

Caramelized honey pairs exceptionally well with a variety of food. It complements the creaminess of cheeses, elevates the flavour of fruits, and can be incorporated into both sweet and savoury recipes to add a touch of sophistication and depth.

Many of our customers use it as a breakfast honey, where they spread it on toast, pour it over pancakes, add it to oatmeal or drizzle it on muffins or biscuits.  It can also be used as a molasses replacement in all your favourite recipes!