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Trout | Ontario | Kolopore Springs Rainbow Trout-Fillet

This Rainbow Trout is ethically and sustainably farmed by Kolapore Fish Farms in Blue Mountains, Ontario. The land-based operation allows for controls to feed, water quality and waste management. The sweetness and mild flavour of Rainbow Trout makes it a family favourite.

Kolapore Springs Fish Hatchery near Collingwood, Ontario, an all-natural, sustainable organic hatchery that, since 2009 has been producing some of the best trout you can find anywhere.

One of the factors that makes this trout stand out is the natural water source, two streams that run just under the forest floor and join about 500 metres uphill of the farm. As the streams runs toward the ponds, they collect a vast array of enzyme rich microorganisms and tiny shrimp that add to the vibrant colour and quality of the fish. In many large scale (!) fish farms, these enzymes are produced artificially and are added to the feed. At Kolapore, the fish population is controlled, the feed is all natural and supplemented by the freshwater shrimp, mayflies, minnows and mosquitoes in the ecosystem, and the water is constantly moving.

The forest streams at Kolapore are also considerably colder than most commercial fish farms, averaging around 7 degrees C, resulting in a healthier, firmer fleshed animal. The gravity driven water, flowing at a rate of about 400 gallons per minute, is only a few degrees warmer flowing out of the ponds than into them.

Easy to prepare, this is a great choice for the fish lover!