BeeTalk - For Beekeepers

Ever wonder what really happens in a year of beekeeping?

Dave - The Beekeeper from Backed By Bees will take you through a beekeeping year right from the opening of hives after a long winter break all the way through to closing them up for the year and everything in between. We'll talk about the important stuff, like what makes a queen bee so special, how bees make honey and the challenges that the honey bee population are facing currently .

Dave will bring along real life equipment and if power is provided will visually support the talk.

'The Beekeeping Year' is a set 50 minute talk with 10 minutes of questions/discussion from the audience, is suitable and tailored for all ages and group sizes.

For inquiries regarding a specific topic or different length of talk, please contact us here.

If the talk is outside the Milton, Burlington, Oakville area mileage to be calculated once location is determined.  

Virtual presentations also available. 

Discounted rates available for non-profits and educational institutions.