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Frozen Pre-Made Dinners

Homemade frozen meals made with quality ingredients and wholesome goodness.  A convenient solution for those busy days when time is of the essence, but you want a quality home-cooked meal. 
Roast Beef Dinner:  Tender roast beef baked with onions and
Montreal Steak spice. Roasted to perfection!  Includes mashed potatoes whipped with real butter and topped with gravy, plus locally grown vegetables.
Roast Turkey Dinner:  Juicy roast turkey dusted with spices baked to perfection.  Includes mashed potatoes whipped with real butter, dressing and locally grown vegetables. 
Meatloaf Dinner:  A blend of ground beef and pork, mixed with delicious spices and baked fresh, topped with a homemade sauce.  Includes mashed potatoes which are locally grown whipped with real butter and milk and topped with gravy and locally grown vegetables.