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Fermented Honey

Experience Backed By Bees Raw Fermented Honey, where ancient tradition meets modern innovation. Our Raw Fermented Honey is crafted through a proprietary in-house fermentation process that breaks down honey's complex sugars, unlocking its full flavor profile and enhancing its gut-friendly properties for all to enjoy.

With a rich, sharp taste and smell our raw fermented honey is soft and frothy in appearance and captivates with its sweet and tangy notes and complex flavour.

Perfect for culinary experimentation, our raw fermented honey adds depth and richness to your favourite dishes, from marinades and dressings to desserts and cocktails. The taste and consistency also make it ideal for smoothies, and great for breakfasts with natural yogurt, muesli or fruit. 

Experience the transformative power of Raw Fermented Honey – a journey into health and flavour unlike any other.