Native Pollinator Nest

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There are over 4000 different bee species in North America.  As much as we love our honey bees, the countless other bee species that nest around us play a vital role in keeping plants pollinated and nature in balance.  Designed with the pollinators of Ontario in mind, the nesting holes imitate the nest sizes found in the wild.


  • Native bees pollinate apples, cherries, squash, watermelon, blueberries, cranberries, and tomatoes far more effectively than honey bees on a bee-per-bee basis.
  • Many native bee species forage earlier or later in the day than honey bees.
  • Native bees will often visit flowers in wetter and colder conditions when honey bees remain in the hive.
  • Native bees can make honey bees more effective as pollinators of hybrid seed crops by causing them to move more frequently between rows of male and female plants.

The Native Pollinator Nest includes a mix set of Hive Cartridges.

Small holes attract - sweat bees, small carpenter bees, masked bees,

Medium holes attract - green metallic sweat bees, wool carder bees, cuckoo bees

Large holes attract - mason bees, leaf cutter bees

100% Made In Ontario