Native Pollinator Nest Cartridge Refill

Replaceable set of 3 cartridges to fit into your native pollinator nest.

Select the corresponding cartridge size and then explore the different sized nesting holes to attract some amazing local pollinators.  

Designed with the pollinators of Ontario in mind, the nesting holes imitate the nest sizes found in the wild.

Cartridges should be changed every two years.

Small holes attracts a variety of sweat bees, small carpenter bees, masked bees

Medium holes attracts a variety of green metallic sweat bees, wool carder bees, cuckoo bees

Large holes attracts  a variety of mason bees, leaf cutter bees

Mix Pack - 1 cartridge of each size

*The initial purchase of a Native Pollinator Nest comes with a mix selection of cartridges

100% Made In Ontario