Revl Loose Leaf Tea

Fine organic, loose-leaf teas and tisanes from Revl that not only taste great, but are packaged responsibly to minimize our collective environmental impact.

Ontario Lavender Green #1: Light richness of grassy green, with long notes of wheat, clover honey, sweet grass, subtle seaweed, and a hint of Ontario's best lavender. This 2020 ON Lavender is exceptionally rare.

Wild Blueberry (Black Tea):  The flavor is dense, sweet on the tongue and essentially bursting with tannic juiciness.

Very Berry (Tisane): Bold with full berry flavour. Soft underlying creamy notes belie a tart character. Ingredients: Elderberry* + Currants*, Hibiscus petals*, Natural flavors (organic compliant). *Organic

 Cozy Minty Chamomile (Tisane): Soothing flavours of chamomile paired with refreshing mint.