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As the temperatures drop and cozy evenings become more frequent, there’s nothing quite like a warm drink to lift your spirits and keep the chill at bay. One classic concoction that has stood the test of time is the Hot Toddy. Today, we’re giving this timeless favourite a sweet twist with the addition of honey and mead. Perfect for relaxing after a long day or soothing a sore throat, a Honey Hot Toddy is a must-try. Here’s how to make this comforting beverage.


  • 1 cup hot water
  • 1-2 tablespoons honey
  • 1-2 ounces BeeSippin Mead (or whiskey, bourbon, or rum)
  • 1 tablespoon fresh lemon juice
  • 1 cinnamon stick
  • 1-2 cloves (optional)
  • Lemon slice and star anise (for garnish, optional)


  1. Heat the Water: Begin by boiling water. Once it’s hot, pour it into a mug, filling it about three-quarters full. This will ensure your toddy stays warm and inviting.

  2. Add Honey: Stir in 1-2 tablespoons of honey, adjusting the amount to your desired sweetness. Honey not only adds a lovely flavour but also offers soothing properties, making it a perfect ingredient for this warming drink.

  3. Incorporate the Spirits: Add 1-2 ounces of your choice of mead, whiskey, bourbon or rum. Each spirit will bring its own unique character to the drink. 

  4. Lemon Juice for Zest: Stir in a tablespoon of fresh lemon juice. The citrus adds a refreshing tang that balances the sweetness of the honey and the warmth of the alcohol.

  5. Spice It Up: Drop in a cinnamon stick and, if you like, a couple of cloves. These spices will infuse the drink with aromatic warmth and depth, making each sip more enjoyable.

  6. Garnish: For an extra touch of elegance and flavour, garnish your Honey Hot Toddy with a lemon slice and a star anise. Not only do they look appealing, but they also add to the aromatic experience.

  7. Stir and Enjoy: Give your Honey Hot Toddy a final stir, letting all the flavours meld together. Sip slowly, savoring the warmth and comfort it brings.

Benefits of a Honey Hot Toddy:

A Honey Hot Toddy isn’t just delicious; it also boasts several benefits:

  • Soothes Sore Throats: The combination of honey and lemon is a time-honored remedy for sore throats.
  • Relieves Congestion: The warmth of the drink can help relieve nasal congestion.
  • Promotes Relaxation: The alcohol content can help you unwind and relax, perfect for a cozy evening at home.
  • Rich in Antioxidants: Honey and lemon are both rich in antioxidants, which can help boost your immune system.

Tips for the Perfect Honey Hot Toddy:

  • Quality Ingredients: Use high-quality spirits and fresh lemon juice for the best flavour.
  • Adjust Sweetness: Tailor the amount of honey to suit your taste preference.
  • Experiment with Spices: Feel free to experiment with other spices like ginger or nutmeg to find your perfect blend.


A Honey Hot Toddy is more than just a drink; it’s a warm hug in a mug. Whether you’re fighting off a cold, winding down after a busy day, or simply enjoying a quiet evening by the fire, this delightful beverage is sure to comfort and delight. So, gather your ingredients, take a moment for yourself, and savor the sweet, soothing flavours of a Honey Hot Toddy. Cheers to warmth and wellness!