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BeeTalk - For Social Events and The Office

Is your corporate office looking for a one of a kind beekeeping talk? Honey bees are fascinating creatures with many great anatomical and biological features.

Dave - The Head Beekeeper from Backed By Bees will take you through all things honey bee.  From queens, to drones, to workers, their unique adaptations make them one of the most efficient general pollinators on the planet and how we manage them as beekeepers!

Actual beekeeping equipment will be shared, and visual support for the talk will be provided if power is available.

'Honey Bee Biology' is a set 50 minute talk with 10 minutes of questions/discussion from the audience, is suitable and tailored for all ages and group sizes.

For inquiries regarding a specific topic or different length of talk, please contact us here.

If the talk is outside the Milton, Burlington, Oakville area, mileage to be calculated once location is determined.  

Virtual presentations also available.