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Nucleus Colony (Nuc) - May 31 2024

  • Backed By Bees nucleus colonies are all made to a uniform strength and contain an overwintered, locally mated, Buckfast bees.
  • Your nuc will consist of …

    • 4 deep (standard size) frames 
      • 1 frame of young/uncapped brood
      • 1 frame of older/capped brood
      • 1 frame of food (mainly honey)
      • 1 empty frame for the bees to expand into
      • 1, 1 year old locally mated queen bee (marked and uncaged)
      • 4 frames of adult bees to tend to the hive
      • 1 nuc box (reusable)
  • Our nucs are priced at $235.00 a deposit of $50/nuc is required to secure your nuc(s) for spring with the remainder $185 due on delivery. 
  • Pick-Up will be Friday May 31st from 7:00pm -10:00pm.
  • We will refund $15 for any Backed By Bees nuc box that is returned within a year of purchase (must be returned in 'good' shape)