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The Private Bee Encounter Experience

Imagine bees flitting from flower to flower, the sweet smell of honey lingering in the air, the buzz of 2 million bees going to and fro and you standing in the middle of it all.  During this experience, you’ll have the ability to get as close to the bees as you would like, and experience firsthand what a hive of 60,000 bees looks, feels and tastes like.  You might even get accustomed to the buzz.

Led by our Head Beekeeper, who cares for over 700 beehives, this one-hour experience is perfect for anyone who likes nature, has a curiosity about honeybees and wants to experience bees in their natural habitat.  Designed for all ages, including children, during this tour you will:

  • Learn about the structural make-up of a bee yard and a bee-hive.
  • Be introduced to live honey-bees by opening up a colony, interacting with the bees and seeing the internal workings of the colony.  You may even “pet” a bee!
  • Taste honey straight from a bee-hive frame.  A truly unique one-of-a-kind experience!

It is not everyday that you get to see our pollinators at work, and this experience is only offered during the beekeeping season.  

$15 per individual for the tour or $30 per individual for tour + lunch.  Lunch includes 2 honey garlic sausages, one beverage and chips are equivalent. 

Important Booking Details & Know Before You Go: Download Here