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Looking to build confidence, develop your technical beekeeping skills and/or learn the hands-on aspects of beekeeping?

Moving from theory to practice always presents a multitude of challenges.  Whether it is building up the courage to work a hive of 60,000+ honey bees, looking to try your hands at the craft, or you need some coaching, our beekeeper has developed a mentorship program to help you with the tools you need to succeed.

Throughout the duration of the mentorship program, you will finally be able to put your knowledge of honey bee and beekeeping theory to work.  It will walk you through the cycle of a year and start with spring management, summer management and most importantly, fall management while offering a floating session on the ins and outs of typical hive equipment and the legal requirements of owning honey bees in the province of Ontario.


A typical program would look like this...


  • 4 x 2h (8 hours total) sessions spread out throughout the season 
  • 1 x 1h (1 hour total) session

The sessions would be focused as follows:

  1. Scheduled mid spring (temperature dependant) - Start on the basics: Finding the correct bee location, lighting a smoker, approaching a hive, opening a hive, winter loss assessment and management, spring yard and hive hygiene maintenance etc. (2 hours)
  1. End of May - Frame manipulation, finding the queen, tackling swarm season, splitting, spring treatment, brood assessment, adding honey supers etc.(2 hours)
  1. Early fall - Mite assessment and treatment planning, honey harvest, prepping colonies for fall management, 'external' beekeeping,  brood management, resources assessments etc. (2 hours)
  1. Mid to late fall - Mite treatments, AFB treatments, final honey harvest, winter prep, insulation, feeding, combining hives for winter success (2 hours)
  1. Typically winter -  Hive equipment and assembly, legal requirements and beekeeping financials

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