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We are always looking for great locations and partners to host one of our honey bee yards.  We are only able to keep 30-40 hives every 3 square kilometers (as they will compete for resources if there are more) and enjoy working with farmers and rural property owners.  We provide pollination services for use of a small piece of land!

Here is what you need to know when it comes to ideal yard locations...

  • We need the ability to get a pick up truck right into the bee yard 
  • Yard needs to be in a dry location - excessive humidity is not great for the bees or equipment
  • The bee hives will roughly cover a 30’x30’ piece of land
  • Ideally situated away from the primary residence 
  • South facing - with either full or partial sun
  • Natural windbreaks nearby or in an area that is not directly in a wind tunnel
  • Isolated from horses and cattle 

What you need to know from the beekeeper.

  • The bee yard will be registered with OMAFRA
  • Bee inspectors have the authority to be on premises to inspect the bee yard during normal working hours - they will be provided instructions on how to access the hives and will only be allowed to use that route (it can be requested that they call both the beekeeper and landowner prior to inspection)
  • You will be contacted via call/text/email (what you prefer), and we will look for approval for any work/visits done outside of 7am-7pm - so the headlights coming down the laneway aren't a scare
  • Bees need to be moved at night (that way all the bees are home and moved at the same time)
  • The beekeeper will only be on the property for bee related work and may have 1-2 individuals to help
  • Smoke is used to work with the bees - when the land dries up and becomes a fire risk - no smoker will be dumped and put out in the bee yard itself - will be done back at headquarters
  • No extra equipment will be stored at yard
  • Beekeeper will maintain the grass in the yard

If hosting a bee yard is of interest, please reach out and contact us here.

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Jillian Fergusson
Jillian Fergusson

June 17, 2022

Hello, my name is Jill and I think we have a property that would be ideal to host hives! We have 175 acres on an equestrian farm, with several acres of soya been crop. We have lots of space that’s is currently not being utilized, and I wonder if hosting bees might be a good use of this space? Look forward to hearing from you!

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