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Drum roll please ...

Big thank you to all who participated in this round of the MeadClub Maple testing. I'll be publishing the results of each monthly test here for you to share in the journey. 

The overall rating of this unfinished mead was 2.6 on a scale of 1 to 10 with 1 being like extremely.  Here are the rest of the results.  Overall most people rated it Just About Right on a number of categories.  

A selected few of the comments: 

Maple flavour not strong. Could maybe be stronger.
My immediate reflection was on a cinnamon sent. I loved almost burnt sugar taste. As a fan of cream Brule i was very happy. Its a sweet mead and a lovely treat. I really like this mead. Its reminding me of a spiced apple cider more than maple.
Really nice honey and maple aroma. Losing some of the maple flavor. Was getting more of a generic "cotton-candy" taste. I use QA23 yeast for my acerglyns and backsweeten with dark maple syrup for more body and maple flavor since its such a delicate flavor.
I really ejoyed this maple mead. I love maple so would have been fine with more maple flavor and aroma. Looking forward to your future sampling!
A little too sweet for my tastes. I think some more carbonation would cut it well. I think it needs to be lighter overall. If the base were a bit lighter, I think it would be a big improvement. Right now it seems to be very dessert focused. Since summer is coming, I think that making it easier to drink would be great!
Really tasty, but I’m having a difficult time determining if this is supposed to be a ‘beer style’ mead like your Beehaven - where I’d expect something a bit more carbonated and a little bit more dry and acidic - or if it’s intended to be more like your BeeSippin mead with higher mouthfeel and sweetness - in that case I still feel like it tastes lower alcohol level than I’d expect! I think for the summer I’d prefer the former! Thank you for sharing!!


So what's next?  

I'll be taking all the feedback and incorporating it into the big brew this month!  And we'll be reserving the first numbered bottles just for meadclub members.

Feel free to ask any questions or leave any comments below.  

I am excited to continue this journey and start to develop all of our senses along the way.  Stay tuned for the next release. 

Vincent - The Meadmaker


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April 12, 2023

Hi Bryan, thanks for the suggestion. I do think that is an idea worth exploring! And for bringing it up if we go down the route yes to 001! I’ll chat it over with the team here.

Bryan Moroz
Bryan Moroz

April 12, 2023

Hi Vincent, a few questions. One, the next big brew, so it will be the Maple, taking in to account the above results?

Also one weird request, I have told some friends about this and some seem interested but I think what would really seal the deal is laminated membership cards. I think mine should be 001 if you number them or even like this idea. Would be a neat way to promote it and could have the contact info for us to pass along to others. I would even pay for one. Sorry if this seems odd, just a thought.

Keep up the great work and cant wait for the next batch!

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