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So you want to get in on the action eh?  In round 2 we went head to head with Ontario grown basil as the main ingredient.  One of us went for a citrus twist and the other a blueberry. 

And so now that you've had a chance to taste the Basil meads it is your turn to tell us how it really is. Help us determine a winner by voting below in the comments. 

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James Din
James Din

April 05, 2021

Sorry if this is a bit long. I am not an experienced taster so forgive me if I sound like I don’t know what im talking about.

TLDR: Dave’s Lemon Basil wins for me.

They were both very good and I was tempted to say it is a tie for various reasons. After much deliberation I forced myself to pick a winner purely off taste and mouth feel.

I found the Blueberry very smooth, something the Lemon lacked. The blueberry flavour was very forward and mellowed out into a sweet finish. As for the Lemon, I couldn’t taste the lemon as much as I could feel it. The citrus sting was very present and I honestly kind of enjoyed that. The basil didn’t really show itself in either at all which I’m unsure if thats a good thing or a bad thing.

If I had to pick one I think more people would like I would say the Blueberry because it’s sweet, fruity and very smooth which I feel more people would appreciate. Going purely off my own tastes however, I think the mild harshness followed by a pleasant sweetness makes the Lemon my pick for this rounds winner. I tend to also prefer things a bit more on the “plain” side so perhaps being closer to a tradition mead flavour plays some part in it.

Sorry Vince, I hope we can still be friends.

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