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Mulled mead anyone?  We always get asked what glass and what temperature. So check out this handy chart we’ve prepared with some of our recommendations on which temperatures work best for which styles.


Serving Temperature

What to Serve

On ice (0 - 2C)

Mead cocktails with friends

Chilled (5 - 7C)

Sessionable carbonated meads on the beach or a backyard bbq

Cellar (10 - 14C)

Drier wine style meads that are on lower alcohol range 9 - 13% when you need something fresh for an informal supper

Room (18 - 20C)

Semi-sweet fruit or spiced meads.  Any mead that has a full body and some sweetness to offset the alcohol when you are looking for a unique food pairing or a sipper

Warm (32 - 50C)

Dessert meads that are in the 14 - 18% range and really sweet.  Spiced meads to pair with hearty meals


Any sweeter mead for cold fall and winter night sippin’

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