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If you are used to using either liquid honey or honey in its liquid state and have never used crystalized honey, there are a few tips and tricks that you can use to get honey back to its liquid state without diminishing its nutritional value.

You have a couple of options.  One of the most ideal options is to form a relationship with a local beekeeper and have them let you know when the latest year's harvest is available. All honey when extracted is liquid (whether or not its been pasteurized).  Purchasing raw honey soon after extracting and then freezing it while still liquid will stop the process of crystallization. Then you essentially have liquid honey on demand - just take a jar out a day in advance of use to thaw out.

Your next option is to boil a pot of water, remove the pot from the element and place a jar of honey in the water (ideally you are using  a glass jar - some of the thin plastics do not take this treatment very well). This should help reliquify your honey in the jar. If it is not totally successful the first time, repeat the process.   Make sure to not totally submerge the jar in the water. Typically honey jars have metal lids - this sort of heat can cause the lid to warp and break the seal, allowing water into your honey.

The third option - if you are not fussed with the nutritional value of honey, and are simply looking for the taste, you can place the jar with the lid off in the microwave and heat it up little by little (try 20 second intervals).  Heating in short bursts like this will help minimize the change of scorching/burning the honey. This method will denature the proteins found in honey, deactivating a lot of the enzymatic activity in the honey. Also, be careful when microwaving honey as it can quickly become scorching hot coming out of the microwave.

Lastly, I always urge people to try using raw crystallized honey in place of liquid honey.  It may not pour like a liquid honey, but its butter like consistency is great for scooping with a spoon, or slathering on a piece of toast.   Give it a try!

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